February 16, 2022

All About The Eat Away

By Jeffrey Hall

Eat Away (??is slang and abbreviation of  ‘eat and run’ means leaving without paying or taking only profits.

Although the National Institute of the Korean Language does not recognize it as a standard language, it is registered in some dictionaries such as Korea University’s Korean Dictionary. The word ‘eat-away’ first appeared in the media in the Dong-A Ilbo article on October 13, 1996.

When the FA system started in Korean professional baseball, the FA contract players started using Eat Away (??) sarcastically as they showed very poor results that did not match their high salaries, contrary to the expectations of fans and clubs. This word was started as a slang word, but now it has become common in vocabulary that can even be seen in the news.

Need for eat away sites

In online games, the evil act of acquiring items or money that is on the floor without permission, disconnecting the connection, or running around to make it impossible to easily follow is called eat-and-dry. People who do this are called ninjas. Both were used in the early days of the Internet when the country of wind was popular, and at that time, they were used together with the word ‘Gardenia’, where you gain experience by hitting a monster that other players are holding.

 These days, both words are gone and replaced with the word ‘steel’. However, in international politics and diplomacy, there is a lot of gossips because the strong is the law. It comes from a political realist document. There is one reason why eating and drinking are common here. This is because the largest aggregate on Earth is the nation. So, the relationship is lower than the state-to-state relationship.

Opposite to this, eating and betraying are common. However, if there is one thing that can be reassured, however, under the current international situation that was created through the long Cold War after the end of World War II and the 21st-century era after the end of the Cold War, no matter how frequent the fights and betrayals between countries As long as the threat exists and the economic, transportation, and information systems between each country are very densely connected, World War III is highly unlikely.