White and Red Wedding Dresses Can Express Your Personality














Every bride must want to have a wonderful stunning wedding dress for the special wedding occasion. Commonly, the white wedding dresses always become the first choice of many women, but there are some designers of wedding dresses and boutiques in many place that have started introducing the white and red wedding dresses as an innovation in fashion, especially the wedding dresses. Actually, this innovation can be a good thing that has already created, because it will make the options of wedding dresses more various. So, wedding is not merely about everything in white. Wedding can be more colorful then it will be a good representation for the atmosphere that is created in the occasion itself.

The white and red wedding dresses are not created by combining the basic colors of the gowns, but they can be created also by adding trim and embellishment, also mixing and matching some suitable accessories that you have, such as red detachable sleeve, red belt, or red detachable train. Then, the red ornament of the gown can be added with the lace on the gown or the motive applied on the gown. The lace and the motive will make the dress so much more beautiful, and of course will make everyone who wears the gown look beautiful too.

In addition, when consider white and red wedding dresses, the most important thing you have to remember is that the color chose express the personality and influence the way how the people recognize you. White will express the purity and nobility, and then red expresses energy, passion, and gracefulness. So, if there is one color is more dominant than the other, it means that the personality that is represented by the dominant color is also dominant too. For example your gown has white is more dominant than red, so it means that your dominant personality is someone who loves purity and nobility. In the other hand, if the dominant color of your gown is red, it means that you are someone whose energy, passion, and gracefulness are quite great.