15 Vintage Wedding Hairstyles for a Perfect Retro Look

















Looking modern is gorgeous, but it does not mean that looking vintage is ugly. It is just a matter of taste that some people want to look modern while some others prefer a vintage style. So, when you are choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding, then you should consider your personal taste for picking up the best wedding hairstyle. Vintage wedding hairstyles can be a great option to go with especially if you use vintage style in your wedding party added with vintage wedding dress. Actually, although everything is not in a vintage look, it is still okay as long as you are not using a modern style, which will be very contrasting.

Old fashion in some ways is trendy and glamorous, so, do not feel that you will look like an old-fashioned one. One of the bets vintage wedding hairstyles you can try is the 1920s bob. So, if you have short hair, you can make your hair into a beautiful bob in straight hair and complete it with some side-swept or blunt bangs to frame your face. You will look awesome coming out in your wedding day with your trendy hairstyle

If your hair is too long for a bob, then you can go with the 1940s wavy hairstyle. Commonly, this style comes with long, below the shoulders hair length. You can wear either soft or rolled waves to your hair. If you are naturally wavy, then you can just let it flowing down or roll down your hair to make some waves around your forehead. Just wear your hair down and you will look very elegant. Make sure that your hair is shiny and soft by applying some smoothing serum. These are some great vintage wedding hairstyles you can choose from for making you look more elegant.