Silver Wedding Dresses for Beautiful Bride

















Recently, the trends for wedding dresses are rapidly changes. The changes are not only from the length of the wedding dresses, but also from the colors. Long time ago, because of the influence of Queen Victoria, the color for wedding dresses is white. Just after, Queen Victoria’s wedding, suddenly; the trends of wedding dress follow her way. However, when the time goes by, the trends of wedding dress color change significantly. Women not only choose white as their wedding dress color, but also many other colors. Silver wedding dresses, (not white wedding dresses) are popular today as other alternative choices for women who want to celebrate their wedding ceremony.

However, the brides to-be should also consider the styles of the series of silver wedding dresses they want to wear. The styles for wedding dresses the brides to be can choose are mermaid style, trumpet style, A-line style, ball gown and many more. But, no matter what, the brides to-be need to put into consideration their body shape. Since, different body shape requires different treatment. For example if a bride to-be has kind of pear-shaped as her body figure, a wedding dress with A-line style will look perfect on her.

Another thing to determine when it comes to silver wedding dresses are the fabric material that is used in order to make the wedding dress drapes beautifully when the brides to-be wear it. Back to pear-shaped women, it will look flawless when they choose kind of taffeta and duchesse satin since the two are the best fabric material they should choose. Both of fabric material like taffeta and duchesse satin are also kind of sturdy fabric materials which make the skirt flare nicely. The flare skirt is able to hide the lower part of the body. Addition, women with this typical body figure should be avoided from any fabric materials which wrap their body tightly.

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