Pink Wedding Dresses Trends

















If you are typical person who dislike white color for your wedding dress, you are not alone, then. Furthermore, if you trace back to the time before the wedding of Queen Victoria, you will figure out that color for wedding dresses are many depending on how rich the family of the bride to-be is. If she comes from a rich or royal family, then colors can be anything like green, yellow, or some. Addition, sometimes they also add patterns on their wedding dresses. Meanwhile, for family who comes from lower social status usually, they will use brown as the color of their wedding dress. So, it is hard to say whether pink wedding dresses are breakthroughs which break old tradition or the coming back of the past trends.

However, don’t argue the history, since the most important thing is, women have many choices for their wedding dresses- and one of them is pink wedding dresses. Unlike white wedding dresses, pink color for wedding dresses seemingly appears more attractive. It is because pink has many distinctive which women can choose to make their appearance look perfect. Not stopping there, sometimes the pink color is not alone to accentuate the beauty of the wedding dresses, there is addition from other colors too such as white, black and pink’s other shades.

The design for pink wedding dresses are also plenty, you can choose whether you want something formal or casual. Not to mention, but even though pink is known as girlish color which states cheerfulness, if you choose the right pink and combine it with black color in certain proportion, then you can create a mixture of gothic and girlish in the same time. The last but not least, when you pick shade of pink for your wedding dress, you need also make your skin tone as another consideration so that you know exactly which pink color is suitable for you.

Images Source : Pinterest