14 Half Up Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair Ideas

















Hairstyles for wedding do not have to be in a kind of formal bun with all your hair is tied together upside. Depending on the type of wedding dress that you wear, there are numerous options of wedding hairstyles to choose from. If you wear a not-really-formal dress, then the hairstyle you wear should bring the same impression too. Half up wedding hairstyles can be a good idea because they give a combination of formal and informal by letting half the hair up and the rest half down. You can choose some different options of half up hairstyles so that you can come up with the most appropriate one.

If you have curly hair, then you are in luck because curly hair is quite versatile since it can be done in several different half up wedding hairstyles. Curls in your can give the impression of fairytale. So, do not take all your beautiful curly hair into a bun. Just take half of the hair to make it into a ponytail or loose bun and complete it with some curls or wisps framing your face to the sides. Another idea can be made by pinning some curls to the front your head and twist small sections of your curly hair to make some circular shapes. This will create a beautifully wedding hairstyle with the half hair loose down.

Not only curly hair, but also straight hair can be done in half up wedding hairstyles. The elegant classic look is very easy to make with the front half hair is pulled back into a ponytail and then the rest half of the hair will lose down in the back of the ponytail making your hair look straight. So, whether you have straight or curly hair, you can always make your hair beautiful in your special day.